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Here is a list of some of the things I've either built, am building or am intending to build:

Project Info Status
Moixa Battery Investigations into the Moixa Battery system Complete(ish)
jfyspot spot point reader for JFY JSI inverter to work with 123solar Complete(ish)
Energy monitoring Working out AC power magnitude and direction Research
Home Energy Monitor to Google PowerMeter in Linux Basic Perl script to take output of E.ON energy monitor under Linux and upload to Google PowerMeter account for online logging/tracking of energy usage. Proof of concept
VAN Bus Interfacing VANbus is a protocol used on some Peugeot and Citroen cars mainly for body control. Beta
Off Road Bike Lights Lights for Mountain biking off road down hill in pitch dark! Complete
APRS kit Packet communication over radio bits and bobs Complete
IRDA motherboard header Add Infra-Red capability to a computer with an IRDA header on the motherboard Complete
Casio calculator serial interface Allow communication with a Casio graphical calculator for transferring data and screenshots Complete
Serial Port PIC Programmer To program a PIC from a serial port with no external power hopefully, for portable use Drawing Board
Parallel Port PIC Programmer Program a PIC from the parallel printer port. Development
Brake/Tail lights for my car... In Progress... Why not replace those old fashioned rear lights with some swish LED ones, like the busses trucks and a few cars are starting to use. Development
PC Joystick interface Useful for general input to the pc with 4 analogue and 4, 1bit digital channels Complete
Switch to serial data encoder Sub section of the In Car PC, can take input form a number of push buttons generating some serial data to let the computer know you want something done. Complete
LCD display Started as a section of the In Car PC but has been expanded for other uses, uses standard ASCII LCD displays to show information. Complete
Serial to TTL converter (MAX232) An output block that lets us use 0-5V TTL signals with a PC's COM port rather than those +12/-12 RS232 signals. Drawing Board
Variable speed intermittent Wipers Always have the wipers at the speed you need without any of this new fangled rain sensing! Drawing Board
In Car PC Its a PC in a car! Applications include playing MP3's GPS navigation and so much more. Beta
Controllable Webcam Webcams are fun but imagine if you could choose what to look at! Here Zoom, Focus, Pan and Tilt are controlled through a web interface. Development
USB I/O Interface It would be useful to have some digital connection to the PC that could be turned on and off or read in at will. Standard LPT is out only, COM ports are getting rare, lets get fingers burnt with USB... Drawing Board
Optobot 4th Year University Project: investigate the possibility of using a standard optical mouse type sensor for keeping track of robot positioning. Drawing Board
12V (or so) ATX PSU Sub section of the In Car PC. The inverter was a little noisy for my liking and had some draw backs. Enter the custom build PSU! Complete
UV EPROM Eraser Built out of necessity, needed to erase some EPROMS, not buying one for 80 odd pounds when I can make one for around 20. Complete
E-mail Indicator It would be nice to know if you had mail with a simple indicator. Development
RF Link for Remote Control So many uses. Could start the pc in the car from the house to upload music. Could, well, do anything but at a distance! Drawing Board
Parallel Port I/O Interface Used for things from christmas lights to central heating and burning hard disks... Complete

Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 12th April 2024