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Off Road Bike Lights

When you're taking a bike off road at night you want to see what's coming up, not finding any lights that quite met my requirements I got on and made my own...

Not got much time to write about it now so here's the specs and some piccies

1x 12V 20W 10degree MR11 Halogen Spotlight (used to be two of them)
Quite narrow beam, but nice and bright where they do light up.

2x 1W Luxeon White LED's with 10degree collimating lenses & 2x 1W TO92 case White LED's

The two Lensed Luxeons are driven at 50mA 450mA or 1A by a pulsed controller and the Two other Led's are run at 500mA and seperatly switched

The LED's in total on Max power still draw less current from the battery than the 20W Halogen and iluminate the same area brighter than the bulb and also spred to cover the surround area.


Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 17th April2007