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Motherboard IRDA Header:

Seems to be getting a little outdated these days but IRDA is still a pretty fast close range wireless communication option with 4MBPS at full rate, sweet when compared to the current 115K speeds offered by bluetooth. IRDA however relies on line of sight, this means the ports of two devices have to be able to see each other. Bluetooth being radio does not have this issue.

But lets say you want like I do an Infra Red wireless connection to your PC.
Most modern motherboards have an IRDA header, this is usually a 5 pin connector on the board itself. All you need to turn this into a fully functioning port is to connect a transceiver module and a single resistor. so for about 3 you could have something as good as one you'd pay upwards of 20 for in the shops

So here's my shopping list:

And bits I found laying around

And all the usual tools, soldering iron, large hammer etc...

On to construction, but you may want a peek at the circuit diagram.

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Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 31st July 2004