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UV EPROM Eraser:

To erase an EPROM you need high intensity light at ultra violet wavelengths to bombard the device to reset its cells to 1's, this means either about 3 days in the sun or 15-20 minutes under a dangerously high intensity UV lamp. This kind of light is not good for you, really bad in fact. Neither your skin or eyes will thank you for being exposed, so DON'T! For this reason they are typically built in sealed boxed with a tray for the devices to be erased. Note that 'black light' UV sources are not high enough intensity to erase an EPROM they are cheap but they are rubbish.

So here's my shopping list:

And bits I found laying around

And all the usual tools, soldering iron, large hammer etc...

On to construction, but you may want a peek at the circuit diagram.

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Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 31st July 2004