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Webcam Control:

Webcams in different parts of the world are interesting to look at. What about one where you could choose your view? Try mine out!

I used a colour camera with a zoom & focus lens mounted on a standard pan & tilt bracket connected into a video capture card to create a webcam where the viewer chose the view.

The web side of the camera is a Linux box with a Win-TV card for the image capture. I've built a small interface driver board to do the movements that's hooked up to the parallel port.

The webcam is not designed for high usage levels so the software will need a bit of redesigning if load becomes heavy.

Currently what happens is as follows:

Or if a movement is selected:

Components for the setup:

And bits I found laying around

And all the usual tools, soldering iron, large hammer etc...

On to construction, but you may want a peek at the circuit diagram or the finished result.

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Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 31st July 2004