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TinyTrak3 Mods - Photos

Below are pictures taken while building TinyTrak3 kits with some extra modifications, any questions then please E-mail me at the bottom of the page. All the pictures will bring up a higher resolution original when clicked on if you want to see any parts in greater detail.

TinyTrak3 Kit, GPS, upgraded voltage regulator & connectors First I mounted the plug and socket making sure they would hold the board firm in the case Testing box fit before going any further Half the TinyTrak components fitted TinyTrak3 Built with no voltage regulator and no microcontroller fitted.
Photographed from a more exciting angle Larger voltage regulator to fit into box Heatshrink is used to insulate the grounded tab of the regulator Possible placement of regulator Checking depth of the box to make sure it will fit
The regulator pins need some repositioning and shaping to fit 2 of 3 pins positioned and shaped Pins sharpened to fit into current holes Carefully solder the regulator legs to the PCB TT3 ready for GPS connection
FET & pull-up resistor for switching and GPS cable end Heatshrink to insulate ground shield Positioning FET to contact pins 5 (GND) and 9 (GPS off) Shape leg for ground connection Shape gate leg for switching connection
Shorten leg so as not to short easily Position pull-up resistor from pin 9 to the 5V MCU supply Connect grounds to FET and cover with heatshrink GPS grounding arrangements prepared Connect GPS +5V power to 5V rail supplying PIC MCLR
Connect data out from GPS to pin 2 (data in) Chop edge of grommet to fit next to board Positioning of grommet for cable exit 4.5mm hole drilled in case GPS cable leaving box
Completed TinyTrak3 with 1A voltage regulator and GPS Power and audio cable Power and audio cable, grounding arrangement    

Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 8th January 2007