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Soundcard TNC interface hardware - Photos

Below are pictures taken while building this interface box, hopefully these along with the hardware info page will give you all the information you need to build a similar device, any questions then please E-mail me at the bottom of the page. All the pictures will bring up a higher resolution original when clicked on if you want to see any parts in greater detail.

Connectors, USB hub & audio Connectors used Original USB-serial adapter Box drilled for sockets USB audio devices de-boxed
FTDI chip USB-serial adapter USB hub de-boxed USB audio devices Box used for project Extending the power LED
Measuring up for connectors Rough layout of kit in box USB connections made Connections to USB hub reverse USB ready for testing
Close up of sloppy soldering USB plug replaced with socket USB type 'B' socket Replacing one USB connector Don't break tracks desoldering!
Layout decided upon Serial RTS & DTR PTT Kit mounted in box Building PTT interface Veroboard soldered to plug
Box from one end Box from above Laying out parts for glueing Test setup with radio The "completed" interface...

Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 8th January 2007