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123solar - my fave logger


I added another set of solar panels to my house and picked up a second hand JFY JSI-3000 inverter to go with them. Bad news, no "special" serial cable or software as mentioned in the manual... Tried pvbeancounter no response from inverter.

After e-mailing the manufacturer I had the comms protocol doc and the info that pins 4 and 9 need linking for the inverter to respond, huzzah! I've been using 123solar for years with other inverters JFY was not supported. Well, using the docs and solarmonj I worked up jfyspot that responds very much like SBFspot, added scripts for 123solar 1.8.1 (hopefully to be included in later 123solar releases.

Now I've got 123solar logging from my JFY JSI inverter using jfyspot - note I'm only supporting linux. There are a few outstanding features - the info output code is just plain rubbish at the moment. Need to have a look at that properly, and ideally work up a test harness so I can develop without the sun being out...

Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 17th March 2019