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Windows Packet Interface

I'm not going to cover the connection and use of TNC hardware as I don't have access to a TNC. This information is designed to help those who wish to operate APRS using a software TNC to connect their PC to a radio.

The interface is based on the soundcard and software on the pc listens to the incoming audio from the radio to decode packets and generates the waveforms through the soundcard to transmit packets, PTT is usually operated by a serial or parallel port interface.

One popular bit of software for sound packet operation is AGWPE, on the SV2AGW website there are several bits of packet related software, AGW Packet Engine is an older edition, Packet Engine Pro updates the software and is said to be more efficient and better suited to Windows XP. This software can not only manage serial port TNC's but will also create software TNC's using the sound card. The interface is then made available on a TCP port so that other software can connect to use the packet connection.

Good detailed instructions on setting up AGWPE are already available (mirror)

You may want to take a look at the hardware interfacing page if you're interested in connection options.

Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 8th January 2007