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Reference Data

Here are some references to data that's been useful to me, some is originally mine, much is derived from others, I shouldn't think anyone would have any trouble with this data being published, if so please E-Mail me!

PS/2 GPS Connector - Female connector on GPS Globalsat & ZyCast SiRFstar III Receivers

CAT5 cable RJ45 ends wiring - (Viewed facing pins with clip on back, cable towards you)

Mobile Phone Pinouts - (courtesy of various phone sites)

(pdf) 74 147 - 10-4 line priority encoder datasheet (courtesy of Phillips)

Morse Code

Ordinance Survey National Grid Reference Letter Code.

Sony Camcorder CCD TRV66E Hi8. Record/Play selector switch, available (Farnell codes 3727075 or 3727087)

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Author: Graham Auld
Dated: 12th March 2007